Too Early for Halloween 2015?

When is it too early to start preparing for Halloween? According to mommabeartrax’s blog post, we could start as early as right now. Even though Halloween was only a couple of days ago, it’s something that we as college students don’t take lightly. Halloween to college students is the equivalent of a Redskin’s vs. Cowboys super bowl game; it doesn’t happen often, but when it does we take it serious. It’s a huge party that we get to celebrate the entire month of October from the ghouls and goblins at Fright Fest Six Flags of America, to the pumpkin patches, haunted houses and hay rides etc. October is an eventful month for college students, and it’s something that we should partake in affordably. It’ only right that we participate in it without worrying about breaking the bank.

Party city is great for Halloween costumes and things to decorate your college dorm room or apartment with, but during the weeks before Halloween it can get a little crazy. I even visited party city a whole 3 weeks in advanced, and the line was wrapped around the store. People were purchasing everything from costumes to props to decorations. Pure chaos! Is it really worth it when you can just plan ahead and shop online instead? This way you can avoid lines and save money!

There are huge online vendors such as that have big discounts on costumes all of the time. The site also allows you to be unique and different so you won’t be walking into the party and see 5 other people with the same costume. You can get a cute “Frozen” princess costume, from the Disney movie, on Ali Express and be the only one at the party with it. Shopping online allows you to be unique in a sense and stand out from the crowd. So instead of waiting last minute to purchase costumes and cute things to accent your room, just don’t wait. As the Everest commercial guy would say: You’re sitting on your couch watching TV and your life is passing you by, you keep procrastinating over and over, well maybe I’ll purchase my costume next month or maybe next year, no do it right now.

On the contraire, stores like Wal-Mart and Party city would be great to shop at right now to get a head start on Halloween essentials for 2015 because everything would be half off. Therefore, the moral of the story is, again, just don’t wait! If you know you’re going to participate in Halloween festivities next year, it would be logical and cost-beneficial for you to purchase what you need now. Make Halloween just a tad bit easier, as mommabeartrax’s post says.

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